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Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.

Terms & Conditions

By availing the services of our company, you agree with the terms and conditions as listed here. It is the responsibility of the customer or client to fully understand these terms and conditions so that there is no scope for confusions or misunderstanding of any sort. In case you do not agree with the terms and conditions of Driver Solution Services, then you should not opt for the services that are provided by us.

  • By making a booking with us, you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions as they may be modified and posted on our web site from time to time.
  • All bookings have to be made at least 2 hrs. in advance for proper facilitation of the service. A successful booking alone does not qualify for a service confirmation. Each booking will be followed up with a confirmation call or SMS to your registered mobile number depending on availability of drivers and distance of reporting location.
  • Any cancellation of a booking by the customer has to be made 1 hour prior to the start of the booking. Otherwise a cancellation charge of Rs. 150/- will be applicable.
  • All our drivers are under contractual agreement with the company not to solicit our customers directly or indirectly for any driver services. Also our customers are obligated not to employ any drivers of Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. on permanent or temporary basis without the consent of the company.
  • Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. or its driver would not be a party, convict or witness to any legal proceedings held by any court of Law due to such incidents, loss or thefts.
  • Management of Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. is not responsible in case of any incidents if you hire a driver directly without office intimation.
  • Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel a confirmation made for a booking any time unilaterally owning to reasons beyond the company's control and purview.
  • Please insist the driver to display the company ID card every time the driver reports for your booking.
  • In case you have any suspicion or doubt you should call 24x7 to the Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. (@ 011-40574157) to report and/or clarify.
  • Please do not insist and/or encourage the driver for over speeding, jumping traffic signals, driving in wrong lane/side, overtaking, off roading, race/competition etc.
  • You should engage Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. services ONLY if your vehicle is covered under a comprehensive insurance through a credible motor vehicle insurer in India.
  • Please don’t leave any cash, valueables, precious items like Laptops, Mobile Phones, Wallets, Handbags, Luggage, Spec’s etc. in the vehicle and/or in possession of the drivers. We are not responsible for anything misplaced.
  • In case of any mishap resulting in damage of any kind , Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. Cannot be held responsible in any manner.
  • For any grievance or complaints you can contact us at our call center (@ 01140574157) or our support email address (