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Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd.


Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. is a company which deals in providing all the chauffeur and driver services to its clients. Catering to the field of driver facility management services, we provide fully trained, experienced and well-mannered drivers who can adjust as per the needs of our clients.


The well stocked data bank of competent drivers that we have enable us to provide competent professionals who are result oriented, adding further to the repute of our organisation. Functioning with the motto of ‘total satisfaction’, we operate in the entire Delhi and NCR region and each driver that is provided by DSS is selected after a rigorous  selection procedure. Providing smart, confident and genuine drivers, we ply to the needs of the households who have a car and require a driver. We also provide drivers to the hotels and banquet halls to provide them with loyal drivers who can take care of the valet parking. Our facilities are further enjoyed by the party and marriage organisers who add value to the services that they are providing to their guests by equipping them with professional drivers.


Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. brings forward the best in class driver outsourcing services and provides to its customers numerous reasons to choose us.


All our drivers possess a unique identity card and are fully approachable through their possession of a mobile phone. Our drivers also bear the ‘chalan’ of  the traffic authorities whenever they are imposed due to the mistake of the driver.

We at DSS also provide to our customers different plans which range from a quarterly to a lifetime period. These plans enable the customers to avail of the highest quality services in an uninterrupted manner. The available customisation options also give a flexible approach for the clients to craft a plan according to their own needs.


Mr. Rajender Singh, Director

Innovative and exuberant, Mr. Rajender Singh has an experience of owning and managing taxi rental services which is existing for over the past 40 years. It is in his tenure of working here that he was successfully able to identify the pain point of the requirement of efficient drivers by the self-driven car owners. He was very quickly able to capitalize upon the opportunity and went on to promote Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. to fill in the gap. Working on new ideas, Mr. Singh has successfully been able to promote this innovative concept and establish his company in the corporate scenario where the services of a driver are required.


To serve as the ultimate agency that provides drivers/chauffeurs as per varying requirements and occasions.


To emerge as one of the highly reputed and trusted drivers agency in India.

Core Values

Commitment: At Driver Solution Services we are committed towards the services that w provide, the clients whom we cater to and the drivers whom we hire. Our all round focus on delivering the best is what makes us stand out.


Punctuality: Driver Solution Services understands the importance of time and that why we do not believe in wasting a single minute. Our team constantly works towards meeting the committed guidelines thereby diving the prime significance to punctuality.


Integrity: Working with integrity is what we always ensure at Driver Solution Services. Whether it is our dealings, behavior, feedback or any other aspect for that matter, integrity plays a vital role.


Customer satisfaction: Customers are the most valuable asset for Driver Solution Services and keeping them happy and content is our ongoing endeavor.


We believe in the fact that in today’s world, a car is not just a mode of transport and is infact an asset that anyone possess. Here it is very much important to ensure the reliability and safety angles of the person whom we are handling our car to. Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. understanding this requirement of its customers provides to them professional drivers who are efficient in taking care of the cars of their customers in the same way as they would do. Boasting on with this asset of reliability and safety we provide with drivers for various occasions:


  • Drivers are available to serve you permanently
  • Drivers to serve you for half day or an entire day
  • Drivers to serve you on out station trips
  • Drivers for leaving your personal car to any location in India
  • Trained drivers available for driving course on your own car


Drivers for Hotels and Banquet halls

drivers for Parties and Marriages

Most of the people face the difficulty of getting their cars parked on their visits to hotels and banquet halls. Though most of the hotel guards will park the car for their guests but they lack professionalism. Identifying these difficulties, Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. understands the need of a professional driver and brings to you a competent, well-mannered and loyal driver who knows to drive all kinds of cars (Normal &  automatic).  With our professional drivers parking your car personally and staying with it, you may rest assured that your vehicle is in safe and secure hands.

Analysing the number of parties and marriages that are being organised each year, Driver Solution Services Pvt. Ltd. brings to you an opportunity to ask for a supply of a group of well-trained and loyal chauffeurs for your parties and marriages. Our group of professional chauffeurs at your venue will not just enhance the beauty of the arrangements of your function but will also depict that you value your guest’s assert and their time. Having professional chauffeurs will be an asset to you and will add to creating an extra star in your status symbol.